I love a wedding and I think that having those memories saved is so important! Being able to look back and remember your big day and see all the people you love celebrating with you is an amazing thing.


Family Photography

I love being able to photograph moments that you and your family will love. From photos to share on social media, to prints for the home or gifts for family and friends, I’d love to help you share these family moments.


15-Minute Photos

This was a project that I created to provide people with an alternative to a longer, more formal photoshoot. The idea was mini-photoshoots with bookings available on one day! I will be doing this again as it was a lot of fun!

Let’s Start Something new
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If you are considering using me for a future project that you have in mind then please contact me. I’d love to hear more about what you are working on and how I could help you realise that!

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